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On this page you can make all your reservations for the Latin American Demolition Forum. Simply fill in the different details and choose what you booking should include. Remember to mark how many persons it concerns. A summary of the costs will be made automatically. Please check that the amount is correct and proceed to next page were you make you payment online. Most of he common cards are excepted. In case you need to cancel your whole or part of your booking the cancellation needs to be made three months before the event in order to get a full refund.

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Visit Rio Tour 20151031 10 am to 16 pm USD$ 170 USD$ 200
Sambashow 20151031 19.30 pm USD$ 100 USD$ 130
Visit samba school 20151101 13 pm USD$ 100 USD$ 130

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Facts about the Forum

Latin American Concrete Cutting and Demolition Forum

When: September 1-2, 2016
Where: São Paulo Expo, Imigrantes Expo, São Paulo, Brazil
What: Conference and Exposition

Organizers:   Supporting publications:
Riverbends Publishing LLC  S.C.O.P. AB   Professional Demolition Americas Magazine, PDa Magazine  Professional Demolition International Magazine, PDi Magazine
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